Beautiful Games of Thrones covers

26 Apr

Thanks google images! Because of you I came across these beautiful Game of Thrones covers.

The covers for the Brazilian edition


The covers for the Spanish edition


Webcomic picks, vol. 243

20 Mar

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 8.23.32 AM

This is a fun webcomic I thought my readers would enjoy.  The strip has a real oldschool feel and would fit in well in a newspaper comic section.  The humor reminds me of something halfway between the Far Side, and Non Sequitur.  The art has an appealing simply style that is drawn with thick black lines, and the coloring is top notch.


How to Get the Job: Graphic Design

17 Mar

This a very useful post for beginning graphic designers trying to land a job.

Black History Month – Part 1 -Langston Hughes

4 Feb


Langston Hughes

“When a man starts out with nothing,
When a man starts out with his hands,
Empty, but clean,
When a man starts out to build a world,
He starts first with himself.”

-excerpted from Freedom’s Plow

Book Trailers

13 Jan

Here are some book trailers I thought were cool.

And just for good measure – here’s some truly adolescent cartoony ultra-violence, provided for you in stop motion form.

Saving this for later

14 Dec

I’m just saving this for later.

cult movie mania dot com store envy

dusted magazine dot com (music)

jiggling dude – Animated gif!

14 Aug

Here is a new animated gif that I did.  Fun times playing around with this.


I hope you enjoy it.


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