Negative Emotions and the Church – Something worth checking out

21 Jan

This is an article worth checking out, from a great Christian blog called ‘Good Women Project’.

When The Church (And Your Friends) Are Terrified Of Your Negative Emotions

Here’s a sample:

I think Judaism retained a valuable aspect of faith that Christianity tries to suppress: the emotional rollercoaster. By focusing on controlling emotions, we neglect the process: we refuse to give ourselves the freedom to heal, to rejoice, or to grieve.

We’re taught to reign in our emotions. Our heart is evil. Our feelings are lies. God wants us to have joy abundantly, and we must teach ourselves to be happy and perfectly content little Christians.

If something goes wrong, we simply say: “well, God must have a plan” or “everything happens for a reason.” Maybe God loves Machiavellian strategies. OR MAYBE, we come up with ridiculous explanations in order to ignore our own emotional health.

Yes.  This.  A hundred times yes.


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