Cash, Guns, and Smoke – the synonyms they leave out of the books

31 Jan

So a while ago I was on, or some similar website, and I was noticing that the list of synonyms left out anything from modern slang.  That got me thinking about some of the objects or concept that rap has a lot of words for.  With that said, here is a list of synonyms for money, guns, and marijuana.  Some rap glorifies these things, and some rap talks about them in a more critical way.  For now, I’m not presenting my point of view on that.  I just thought it was interesting that these 3 things were the easiest to come up with synonyms for.  For your consideration. (Note: They are not all straight synonyms, and carry different shades of meaning.  Some of them definitely need their own definitions if you want to use them properly.  In the gun category, some of the words refer to specific models and manufacturers. )


Cake, Ends, Cream, Paper, Cheese, Cheddar (also Provolone, Feta, any cheese you want to name), Dough, Bread, bankroll, Papes, dead presidents, Green, knot, stack, grand, G, rack, Benjamins, Bills, Bacon or breakfast (as in bringing home the breakfast), currency, bank, scratch, scrilla, skrill, bucks, bones


gat, heater, heat, roscoe, glock, desert eagle, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, AK, chopper, AR, Mack-10, iron, Shotty, sawed-off, Sawed-off shot, hand cannons (45s and up), nine, two-two, forty-five, cold steel, clack-clack, chrome, boom stick, auto, automatic, semiauto,


weed, trees, L, Blunt, Spliff, Piff, Dank, Chronic, Hash, Cannabis, Purple, THC, Haze, Dro, Hydro, Ganga, MaryJane, Herb, Kush, Green, Grass, Buds, Doobie, Roach, Reefer, Sticky


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