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Illustration Friday – Mischief

2 Feb


Here is my entry for the Illustration Friday word – mischief.  I wanted to try a color hold on this image, but I ended up having to use a more subtle color hold than I originally planned.  Photoshop crashed after I had the image all colored (a good reminder to save often!) but I think my second try at coloring came out better.


illo friday – refreshing

25 Jul
illo friday - refreshing by m23jeske
illo friday – refreshing, a photo by m23jeske on Flickr.

This is my drawing for the illustration for refreshing. I’ve been pretty busy, so I didn’t complete the coloring until after the quote-unquote deadline.

Illustration Friday -Highlight

5 Jan

This is a drawing I did for the illustration friday word “highlight.”

Illustration Friday -Imperfect

11 Aug

Here is my entry for the Illustration Friday word ‘imperfect.’  My first drawing with a new technique! (Not that you can really, tell… )  I used a light blue col-erase pencil for the pencilling stage, and some of my normal pens for the inking stage.  Kind of a quickie coloring attempt here, but I think it works okay.

Illustration Friday -Stay

14 Jul

illofriday stay color

A man trying to get his toupee to stay.  My entry for the Illustration Friday word ‘stay.’

Illustration Friday -Soaked

22 May

Here is my entry for illustration Friday -soaked.

Illustration Friday – Phenomenon.

13 Dec

This is my entry for the Illustration Friday word, phenomenon.  When the first hula hoops were released by Wham-O in the 1950s, they were one of the first commercial product fads, a true phenomenon.  Before there was Tickle-Me-Elmo, or the Cabbage Patch Dolls, there was the hula hoop.