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Analyzing the Eisner Awards -Best Artist Infographic

18 Feb

A while ago, I decided to analyze the winners of the Eisner Awards, and present the information as an info-graphic.  Here is the result.  My apologies for the weird colors.  That’s the result of not saving for web.




Bombast Podcast -It’s Alive

13 Sep

Monarch Henchmen cosplay at C2E2
note: Neither person in this picture is either Phil or Matt.

So this post is to let my readers know that I’ve now started a podcast / internet radio show.  It’s with my buddy Phil Jacke, and it’s called Bombast Podcast.  The subject matter is movies, comics and random conversation.  We had a fun time recording it, and we hope you’ll have a fun time listening.

for the Show, we’ve created a Blog –

and there is also a libsyn page you can go directly to to download an episode.  It’s also available for free in the itunes store.  On our first (successfully recorded) episode Phil and I lay out their ideas for what the show will be, mainly, a place to dicuss comics, movies, music, and whatever random folderol they want to talk about.  Topics discussed include Canadians, the DC reboot, Shingles, Nicholas Cage, Crime in Rockford, and more.

To readers of this blog,  I plan to continue posting her, at least for now…  Hope a couple of you check out the radio show, and at least 1 of you enjoys it, haha.
Matt Jeske, signing off.

Happy Birthday Jack Kirby -Pt. 2

28 Aug The Cover to Fantastic Four #3 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Today is the day Jack Kirby was born in 1917.  If he was still with us, he would be 94.  Jack is one my favorite artists, and he had a tremendous work ethic, drawing up to four comic books a month, (an unmatched achievement…) while also being a great originator.  He created or co-created Captain America, The Fantastic Four, Galactus, Silver Surfer, The Avengers, The Mighty Thor, Kamandi, The Demon, The New Gods, Mister Miracle, The Inhumans, and the Boy Commandos!  (plus too many more to name)  Here’s a sampling of his genius in pictorial form.

Captain America number one, page 1

Doctor Doom Versus Silver Surfer by Jack Kirby

The Cover to Fantastic Four #3 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

"jack kirby at his drawing desk"

young romance comic book cover

The cover Boys Ranch number 6 by Jack Kirby

Happy Birthday Jack Kirby -Pt.1

28 Aug

Today is the day Jack Kirby was born in 1917.  If he was still with us, he would be 94.  Jack Kirby is a brilliant artist and a great one to learn from.  In the history of Superhero comics, the 4 most important people are Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Jack Kirby, and Stan Lee.  Here’s a great video that explains what made Jack so great.  If it piques your interest,  watch the whole series!

Comics I bought at C2E2 2011

28 Mar

Here are pictures of everything I bought at C2E2 -minus the 2 pages of original comics art, and the 1 commissioned sketch that I purchased.

a pile of comics

a pile of comics and graphic novels

So far, I’ve read vol 14 of Blade of the Immortal, the Donald Duck comic, some of the Archie Comics, City of Glass, Haunted, and North World: Other Tales.  So, 6 out of 18 items.  Hopefully, I’ll have reviews of these comics on the site in a few days, If I don’t get too busy (or too lazy…) .

C2E2 Picture.

24 Mar

The Show floor at C2E2 Comic convention

(click to embiggen)

A bird’s eye view of C2E2 comic convention in Chicago.

Christmas Art and Comics

25 Dec

Merry Christmas to every one out there.  Here is some Christmas Art and Comics to Enjoy.

Bone Holiday Special -art by Jeff Smith

DC Universe Holiday Special ’09 -art by Dustin Nguyen

DC Universe Holiday Special -art by Frank Quitely

Howard the Duck Holiday Special -art by Pascual Ferry-pencils, Jaime Mendoza-inks

Marvel Holiday Special (2008) Art: pencilled by Ron Lim, Inked by Scott Koblish

Bugs Bunny Christmas Funnies #9 (1958) -artist unknown

Holiday Comics #1 (Star Publications, 1951) -artist unknown

Advent art by comics Artist Scott McDaniel (Batman, Nightwing, Superman, the Great Ten), courtesy of

(used without express permission.)

Merry Christmas all!