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jiggling dude – Animated gif!

14 Aug

Here is a new animated gif that I did.  Fun times playing around with this.


I hope you enjoy it.


Illustration Friday -Stay

14 Jul

illofriday stay color

A man trying to get his toupee to stay.  My entry for the Illustration Friday word ‘stay.’

Profile of a Man -drawing

24 Dec

Here’s a drawing I made as part of a larger, still-unfinished project. It’s also part of my effort to put a drawing up every week for 4 weeks in a row.

creepy little drawing

23 Dec

A drawing I did and did a lot of work compositing and coloring.  The image is kinda inspired by some creepy surrealistic Polish Film posters, and Guillermo Del Toro.

Wolverine in a Forest!

16 Nov



I took way too many breaks in drawing, inking, and coloring this image, so it took a long time.  But I’m glad that I added a bunch of detail for the environment.  Long live the brown costume!

Illustration Friday – strong

8 Sep

this is a drawing of Samson I did for Illustration Friday.  The word is strong.


Blot City – Creep

24 Jun

blot city creep

part of a series.  Partially inspired by Franz Masereel.