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jiggling dude – Animated gif!

14 Aug

Here is a new animated gif that I did.  Fun times playing around with this.


I hope you enjoy it.


New Drawing -Caged

7 May

a drawing I did a while ago, then finally inked, then finally inked, then finally colored!  I hope you enjoy it.

Black and White quickie drawing.

31 Dec

This is a quickie portrait style drawing I did.

Profile of a Man -drawing

24 Dec

Here’s a drawing I made as part of a larger, still-unfinished project. It’s also part of my effort to put a drawing up every week for 4 weeks in a row.

28 Dec

I had so much fun with this drawing, but I’m still not sure about the coloring. It looked so good just in black and white.

Illustration Friday – Unbalanced

16 Nov


This is my illustration for the Illustration Friday word unbalanced.  This is the second drawing I’ve ever done on a wacom pad, and I love this thing (the wacom tablet).  It’s making me try things out in some kinda new styles.  I mean the drawing is definitely me, but there’s something else coming out.  If I include the actual paintings i’ve done, this is kinda the first time I’ve really painted with a loose hand, and didn’t have it come out terrible.  I feel like this is kind of a Larry Rivers/Basqiuat approach, but that’s probably a bad comparison.  What do you think?

Blot City – Creep

24 Jun

blot city creep

part of a series.  Partially inspired by Franz Masereel.